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Expert Cloud Engineer

Brno (Jihomoravský kraj)
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Náplň práce

What will you do?

- Management of Cloud platforms (VMware, AWS)

- Development and maintenance of Cloud management automatization tools

- Deployment, integration and support of company and 3rd party products in the Cloud environments

- Participate on the design of the solution in the Cloud

- Part of the team supporting secure messaging systems

- Mentoring and leadership of the team

- Apply/control security measurements to different parts of the systems


Key Responsibilities:

- Resolution of issues of products/solutions in Cloud environments

- PoC of new products, tools and methods in Cloud environments

- Design and development of in-house tooling

- Participation on 24x7 on call support during out of office hours

- Active communication with customers on incident resolution


What will you work with?

- VMware, AWS, OpenStack

- Fortigate, CISCO, F5

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu

- Ansible, Docker, IPA, Graylog, Lynis, Icinga2, Grafana

- RCS, Influx, Mongo, MySQL

- ServiceNow, Atlassian tools