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Painting and Insulation Supervisor

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Náplň práce

- Prepares line list on piping to be insulated

- Perform inspection of sub contractors works and ensure that it has been carried out as per project requirements and contract

- Liaised with clients and inspection group for the approval of completed work scope and arrange concurrence on design for the discrepancies found

- Prepares weekly progress report to the site construction manager for the materials expedition and site material preparations.

- Arrange equipment, tools, and manpower qualified by the man hour requirements to meet specific deadlines

- Perform review of quality requirements on each scope works, manpower, equipments, materials supervision and management on each sub contractor involved in projects.

- Supervise blasting and painting activities on site, monitor the flow of operations

- Preparation of materials and equipment to support daily progress output

- Short briefing to subcontractor prior to start the activities and discuss about work of the day and priorities to do

- Initiates TSTI regular stand down meeting to make sure that subcontractors were follows safety procedures on site

- Conducts weekly paint inventory, feed information to fabrication manager and material control in charge to be aware on critical status of materials needed

- Support daily inspections, final acceptance of painted spools

- Daily report progress and tracking of data as traceability records

- Selected as part of integrated management team to support project completion

- Compressor: crank shaft deflections

- Cylinder: installation

- Cylinder: support anchor bolts size, type & tightening

- Accessory installation (pulsation dampeners & auxiliary piping)

- Accessory anchor bolts size, type & tightening

- Compressor internals: crank shaft axial displacement

- Compressor internals: cross head clearances

- Compressor internals: piston run out & clearances