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Electrical and Instrumentation QC Inspector

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Náplň práce

- Perform inspections of all E&I work in progress on a continual basis and complete final checkout of E&I installations to ensure quality and conformance to specifications and codes prior to turnover to client.

- Implement the Field Quality Control Plan/Procedures and construction specification for E&I activities.

- Support the Quality Control Manager (QCM) in performing the quality control activities in light of:

A) Advising on quality control procedures, methods and practices/actions;

B) Providing adjustments, when necessary, to QCP and QCR;

- Analyse and report the Quality Control results;

- Ensure timely resolution of any QC problems encountered during construction;

- Ensure the collection and filing of E&I activities Quality Control Reports issued during the construction works and of any other document certifying the quality of the works in the Construction Quality Dossier to assure traceability of documents, according to itemization criteria by proper filing and indexing;

- Implement the "Field Non-Conformities Management Procedures";

- Report to the QCM assuring the feedback to H.O. Quality Function for all Quality related problems.